About Babybubz

“By Parents, For Parents”… and their Kids, too!

Babybubz started out as an effort by two parents to find the best baby products on the market for our own two children.

After searching, testing and trying many, many products in the market, we know what we like and what works. We decided to create our own products based on this information and we use these products still everyday. You can imagine the time, resources and effort that was put into the process of making only the best products for our children!

As parents, we only want what is best for kids, and I am sure that you do to. This site was built to save you all the trouble of trying to find the baby essentials and accessories that are of the highest quality, safe and on the budget. From this page, the best products are just a few clicks away 🙂

Here you will find products that we ourselves use as parents, products that we are proud to recommend to other parents. We guarantee the quality of our products 100% or your money back. That is how confident we are with all of our products!

To complement that, we also strive to give you the best service with fast and efficient delivery, and a prompt customer service response if you need anything.

We do this out of LOVE: we love being parents as much as we love helping others!

Mark and Lisa Burrows